About Overgrowth Weekly

Overgrowth Weekly is a fan made live show that airs every Sunday. It's all about the game Overgrowth by Wolfire Games. It's hosted by Lukas Orsvärn and Anton Riehl, and covers everything from the latest blog posts and news, to community created mods, levels and fan art.

It started out in December 2010, when Lukas wanted to go beyond the weekly alpha videos created by Wolfire, and show the latest Overgrowth changes in a bit more detail. As he found streaming enjoyable he kept going, and after a short while Anton tagged along. It ran every Sunday since it started until August 26, 2012.

Lukas Orsvärn

Lukas wants to make games for a living which is why he is studying game development. He lives in southern Sweden and is the founder of Overgrowth Weekly.

Anton Riehl

Anton is a composer for movies and games living in Los Angeles. He works on SUMLauncher and has been an Overgrowth Weekly co-host since pretty much the beginning.